Smart Building Solutions brings InteliGlas Technology to the Carolinas

Smart Building Solutions utilizes InteliGlas technology to provide direct access and control of all building systems. It is perfect for building owners, building management, support teams and tenants.

The internet browser application allows easy access to building systems and is extensible to tenants and subcontractors alike.

Smart Building Solutions

What is InteliGlas?

InteliGlas Corporation is an American proptech (property technology) company based in Pasadena, California. It was launched in 2018, to develop the first fully-autonomous, cyber secured, smart building system for commercial real estate, equipped with a self-learning IoT platform with autopilot technology.

InteliGlas’ artificial intelligence,  RipleyAI ™, automatically learns, adapts, controls, and optimizes ALL of the building systems…and never sleeps.

InteliGlas has partnered with Smart Building Solutions to bring InteliGlas’ groundbreaking technology to the Carolinas. Both companies share the common goal of creating sustainable environments while simultaneously optimizing efficiency for all building systems within the commercial real estate industry.

We are technology independent

Our technology and installation process connects to all types of systems and sensors.

InteliGlas technology is compatible with a wide range of pre-existing building systems.

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Control your building through an internet browser.
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