Control your building through an internet browser. View and control all your building systems from anywhere, anytime.

Real-time Mitigation of Tenant Issues
Data-Driven Decisions
Customizable Building System Alerts
Prioritize Device Replacement Strategy
On-Demand Building System Health Report
Snapshot Current Energy Usage

Key Features & Benefits

Utilizes Artificial Intelligence

InteliGlas’ RipleyAI™ automatically learns, adapts, leverages its knowledge across the platform, monitors, optimizes, and controls all building systems. RipleyAI™ cuts energy costs and mitigates public health risks.

Mitigates Public Health Risks

Minimize Sick Building Syndrome, and exposure to COVID-19 while maximizing efficiency and raising tenant comfort with air-ionization technology known as CleanAir by InteliGlas™.

Building Analytics and Reporting

Energy benchmarking at a press of a button. Key metrics made simple with cloud-based reporting and file management.

Heads Up Alerts

Receive automated, real-time, building system alerts through text or email. Take a proactive approach to the maintenance and performance of your building.

For Building Owners, Tenants, and Support Team

Browser-based cloud software is designed for easy use by building owners, property managers, subcontractors, and tenants.

Service Level Guaranteed Savings

Minimum guaranteed 20% energy savings or InteliGlas pays the difference.

Quick Installation

Total smart building installation completed in less than 10 days.

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Control your building through an internet browser.
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