Smart Platform for Commercial Buildings

We bring smart building capabilities to the Carolinas


Smart Building Solutions uses InteliGlas technology to maximize building value through operational cost reductions.
How do we do this?

InteliGlas is a system that LEARNS overtime​

InteliGlas integrates sensorized building systems with tenant patterns, environmental information, and artificial intelligence, to optimize all building operating systems and create a healthy tenant environment.

Technology engineered for success

InteliGlas technology and our integration services eliminate the old standard of “running systems until failure.” Instead, we meet the standard of the future: sustainable, efficient, and reliable, providing control and peace of mind.

What our clients say about us

“Even in a dynamically changing environment, InteliGlas’ platform substantially reduced kwh and costs year-over-year.” 
- David Parker from Chase Partners

24/7 Virtual Building Engineer

Building owner and manager biased
Secure Artificial Intelligence cloud platform
20% total energy savings guarantee
Remote monitoring and control
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